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Harvest approach to Covid-19

Given the current situation Harvest would like to briefly inform about the measures we have taken to ensure continued operations.

Since the start of this virus outbreak we have chosen to adhere to the recommendations and guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency. We have since Monday 16 March 2020 determined that all personnel shall work from home to ensure continued operations and contribute towards the reduction of the spread of the virus. Our business activities are well adapted for distance working and we have also decided to, as far as possible, conduct meetings via telephone, Skype and/or Microsoft Teams. We have been ready to implement these steps pursuant to our policies since the firm was started in 2016. We also have continuous dialogue with our collaboration partner C.A.G Datastöd to ensure that our IT-solutions and IT-support is not affected. Our assessment is that the virus outbreak affects neither our availability nor our ability to provide advice.

In the event you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact your regular contact at Harvest.

Gustav Sälgström
+46 76 149 73 00