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License applications

An application for a license to conduct financial operations is often a demanding and complicated process. Careful preparation and analyses of the planned operations, as well as thorough application documents are required to ensure a smooth and efficient application process.

We continually advise various types of future financial institutions with their applications for authorisation in relation to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Examples of applications for registration or license concern the following operations:

  • AIF Manager
  • Consumer credit institution
  • Credit market company
  • Financial institution
  • Fund manager
  • Investment firm
  • Mortgage credit institution
  • Payment institution
  • Insurance intermediaries
  • Insurance companies

Assignments include an analysis of the planned operations, preparation of application documents and ongoing contacts with the authority.

Furthermore, we assist with other license matters after the operation has commenced, for example, with regard to changes in ownership and management, licence extensions and approval of changes in fund regulations.


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